Wartune 2.46 is launching tomorrow, April 10th, and is jam packed with awesome new updates including brand new content, a level cap increase from 80 to 90, and the brand new Battle Protection and Lost Treasure Systems! Check it out!

New Content

Dark Magic is rampaging Cloud City. Our enemies are waging attacks again after recovering from their previous defeat. Our Heroes have always been on guard, ready to send anything that dares to invade their country to hell. The real battle begins now!

Once Wartune 2.46 goes live, the level cap will be increased to 90, and players who are currently at the maximum level of 80 will be able to begin the race to the top once more! This level cap increase brings with it brand new dungeons to explore, chock full of new and exciting monsters to face! Plus, the ability to synthesize brand new Legendary equipment for players level 80 and above!

New Lost Treasure System

It has been said that scattered around Cloud City were hidden treasures called Crystal Shards capable of protecting their owners from harm. When the Guardian Gods fought the Devil Dragons in an epic battle, these shards broke into pieces and fell to the earth. Now, in a brand new daily quest, you can hunt down these magical shards, and claim ownership of their powerful protection magics!

  • This new system will become available at character level 50 or higher.
  • Speak to Berdim in Cloud City in order to begin the quest.
  • There is a limit of 5 attempts per day for both accepting treasure maps and claiming rewards.
  • Attempts reset at 5:00 AM each day.

New Battle Protection System

The new Battle Protection System allows players to use the Crystals found in Lost Treasure quests to not only increase their own resistances to damage, but also to reduce their enemies’ resistances. Using these new abilities will require you take a Sylph into battle with you, though it does not need to be awake. Due to this, you must be at least level 50 to use this new system.

The Sylph you take with you to battle will decide which resistance you are reducing: Wind, Fire, Water, Electricity, Light, or Dark. Having a higher Resistance Reduction score than your enemy’s Resistance score will allow you to do greater damage to your enemy. Conversely, if your Resistance Score is higher than your enemy’s Reduce Resistance Score, you will be able to negate some of the damage dealt to you.

To increase your Resistances, you will need to unlock shields, which become available after level 55 has been reached. You may then synthesize the crystals you have gathered through the Lost Treasure System into Resistance Crystals, and slot them into your shields! Each shield has three slots for a Resistance Crystal, and only one type of each Resistance Crystal may be slotted into each shield. Additional Shields may be unlocked using Kingdom Marks gained by completing Battle Protection Quests. However, the last shield is currently not available in-game.

Wartune is an ever evolving game, and more exciting changes are just around the corner in our next update! Make sure to keep an eye on the forums, and news feed, as well as liking GameFuse on Facebook, and following us on Twitter, so you can keep up to date on the latest incoming changes!