Wartune 2.1 introduces many new features and content to the game we all love!  The new patch arrives on November 6th during the weekly scheduled maintenance.  We have a Double EXP event this weekend (11/2-11/3) to help you level up quickly; don’t miss out on your chance to book it to level 50!


Welcome to Cloud City!

Once you reach level 15, you will be able to enter the new center of activity in Wartune, Cloud City. Hang out with other players in Cloud City and enjoy entrances into the Arena, Hall of Heroes, Bounty Building, Mystery Shop, Sylph and Daily events! To enter Cloud City click the Cloud City button in the top right corner of your screen. 

Special Features in Cloud City:

  • Gathering – Gather together with your friends and hang out in Cloud City together.
  • Follow:  Players can follow other players inside Cloud City.
  • Shield Filter:  You can filter the image, guild, title or other player information on your screen if you wish to see just player names.
  • Communication:  Communicate with other players directly by clicking on the player then selecting from the list beside the character’s informational profile.

Main Cloud City Features:

  1. Arena: Solo Entry at Level 11, Party Entry at Level 22 - How to participate: Click the NPC of Cloud City Arena, and the interface for the Arena will be showed.
  2. Bounty Building: Entry at Level 17 - How to participate: Click the Cloud City Bounty Bulletin Board and the interface for the Bounty Building will be showed.
  3. Hall of Heroes: Entry at Level 20 - How to participate: Click the NPC of Cloud City Hall of Heroes and the interface for the Hall of Heroes will be showed.
  4. Mystery Shop: Entry at Level 26 - How to participate: Click the NPC of Cloud City Market and the interface for the Mystery Shop will be showed.
  5. Sylph Atoll, Sylph Arena and Sylph Exchange:  Entry at Level 50 - How to participate: You can enjoy various features from the NPC of Sylph Atoll, Sylph Arena and Sylph Exchange in the Cloud City.


Introducing the Sylph System

Everyone needs a powerful assistant!  Starting at level 50 you will be able to harness the power of the Sylph in Battle!  You can obtain stronger Sylphs in the Sylph Atoll of Cloud City.

Sylphs appear in all battles using two kinds of actions, ‘Follow’ and ‘Awakening’.  Follow is similar to using troops in battle, the difference being that Sylphs have no battle stance and use their skills only every two rounds.  Awakening is essentially the act of merging the Sylph’s skills with your own. During the Awakening, the Sylph’s Awakening Skills will replace your Combat skills and your attributes will be enhanced.

  • A player can have up to 6 Sylphs; the Unbound Sylph will be Bound after you enter combat.
  • Activated Sylphs appear in battle next to the player, gaining EXP as the player does; non-activated Sylphs can be cultivated on the Farm to level up.
  • When you engulf a Sylph, the devouring Sylph receives 50% of the dead Sylph’s total EXP, but Sylph level cannot exceed character level.
  • The attributes of Sylph will be random when it is activated. Some Attributes Points can be freely distributed and reset.
  • The quality of the Sylph can be classified by their colors, like white, green, blue, purple and orange. The higher quality it is, the stronger Sylph will be.


The Sylph Atoll

Upon reaching Level 50, players may complete a task to receive the first Sylph, as well as visit the Sylph Atoll to get Sylph, Sylph Sepulcrum and Sylph Essence. The Sylph Atoll is a place that players can freely fight with each other; the losing player will teleport back to the entrance of Sylph Atoll.  


The Sylph Arena

The Sylph Arena is available upon reaching Level 55.  There are 10 bouts each day, with a daily reset at midnight server time. You can adjust the formation of your Sylphs in a similar fashion as you would place the formation for troops in the regular Arena. Each Sylph uses its skills accordingly each round, similar to troops; the skill usage is not controlled by the player.  VIP Level 3 and up can click “Finish” to skip the battle and see the results.


The new currency: “Bound Balen”

With Wartune 2.1 the voucher system will be replaced; vouchers will be transformed into Bound Balens in a ratio of 20:1. You can obtain the Bound Balen via events, completing dungeons and using the Guild Altar. Bound Balens will work like Unbound Balens with the following exceptions:

The Bound Balen can’t be used in the following features:

  • Spinning the Wheel of Fate
  • Gold Alchemy
  • Daru Alchemy
  • Class War Wagers
  • Purchasing VIP Cards
  • Purchasing Spirit Covenants
  • Purchasing Hot Items in the Shop


New System Feature: Recovery System

Did you miss a day of activity and want to make up for it?  Now you can! If your Stamina is beyond maximum (200) when you gain the daily stamina restore (after a day of non-activity) you can gain the related EXP/Gold/Daru/Insignia from the remainder of “Get EXP” in Daily Events.  Please note that Signet Training for Advanced Recovery will be added as a feature in the future.  You may substitute balens for Signet Training in the meantime if you wish to utilize Advance Recovery


Additional New Features:

  • The Bulk Sale function of items in the Inventory will be added
  • The Pay Back function of Roses will be added
  • The Blitz function of Tormented Necropolis will be added
  • The Advanced Technologies will be added to the Academy