Your wait is over, Wartune Fans! The long-awaited Part 3 Update arrives on May 9th, boasting awesome new features for our higher level players!

Level 70 Solo and Multi-Player Dungeons

Starting to feel like the dungeons are not challenging enough for you? The Part 3 Update brings fresh and demanding new Solo and Multi-Player Dungeons to our highest level players. Do you have what it takes to survive Samsara and the Lych’s Lair?



New Level 70 Equipment Sets

Grab the hottest new armor and weapons around! Shiny new sets for both Epic and Legendary Equipment Sets will be available for players Level 70 and up! Want to see the stats for the individual armor pieces? Visit our forums for screenshots of all the new Equipment stats!

Knight – Channel the power and might of Apollo!

Level 70 Apollo Set

Level 70 Apollo Legendary Set

Mage – Capture the power of the Ethereal!

Level 70 Ethereal Set

Level 70 Ethereal Legendary Set

Archer – Even Angels will be jealous of this equipment’s power

Level 70 Angel Set

Level 70 Angel Legendary Set

Introducing Red Astrals!

Red Astrals are rarer than the current, top-tier orange astrals. Each red astral provides a rare boost to your core stats. Harness deadly power from the stars and defeat your enemies!

Red Astrals

Rename Card and Optimization!

Our Part 3 update will also introduce some small tweaks we have been working on to improve your gameplay experience. We are also offering something a bit more personal: a name change!

Sometimes you want a do-over. Perhaps you misspelled your name or have decided it just doesn’t have the right ring to it. Now you will be able to purchase a rename ticket and give yourself a fresh start with a brand new identity!

Rename Card