We are happy to introduce Part 2 of our Wartune 1.5 update! We are excited for these new features and can’t wait to hear which ones are your favorites.

Achievement and Title System

Everyone likes to stand out from the crowd. Why blend in when you can stand out and show off your amazing accomplishments? Now you can stand out from the crowd with our new Title System!

Each Title has its unique pathway for achieving it for your character. Once you fulfill the individual requirements, the Title will be available.

To view all your glorious Titles, as well as those yet eluding your grasp, click the “Title Info” link. To equip a Title, simply select the Title you have attained and click the “Apply” button.

Title System

Title System

World Boss: Stand-in System

Life can be pretty busy and we know that sometimes you just don’t have the time to take on everything in Wartune. Now you can take on the World Boss without breaking a sweat. Hire a new stand-in and have them do the dirty work for you! Sit back and rake in all the Gold and Daru while they put in the work on your behalf!

World Boss

The World Boss Stand-in system enables players to purchase a stand-in for a World Boss battle, fighting on your behalf while you take care of things such as multiplayer dungeons or even go offline and take a nap! The damage and benefits of the stand-in are calculated automatically according to the player’s stats when purchased. Your stand-in must be purchased before the World Boss battle;you will be unable to purchase a stand-in while a World Boss battle is in progress.

Your character will not appear in the World Boss map during the fight, as your stand-in will be doing all the work. Your damage won’t count in the ranking system and thus you cannot qualify for the top three rewards or the surprise bonus. You may only purchase one stand-in for every World Boss Battle;joining after purchase will remove the stand-in from battle.

All Rewards will be sent by system mail after the World Boss event has been completed, whether you are online or not.

New Ladder System – The Spire Dungeon

Want more ways to play with friends? Now you can! Join forces and test your skills in an all new Multiplayer Ladder System!

Once you reach Level 46, the Ladder system will be unlocked. Enter the Hall of Heroes and select the “Event” page to create a room. Select the ‘The Spire’ from the Dungeon Selection and add your friends to start your epic battle! This new challenge is available once per day.

The Spire

New Troops Available!

Harness the power of the endless abyss with two new troops! Available to players upon reaching level 50, the Templar and Warlock bring a powerful set of skills to the battlefield.

The Templar

The Templar blazes onto the battlefield with the Soul Chop, a devastating attack delivering a massive amount of damage to an enemy.

The Templar

The Templar Upgrades

The Templar Soul Chop

The Warlock

Don’t let looks deceive you;the Warlock is lithe and deadly. The Warlock’s Dark Pulse attack unleashes its wrath against all the enemies on the battlefield.

The Warlock

The Warlock Upgrades

The Warlock Dark Pulse