Hello Wartune Fans!

September kicks off our first Hall of Fame Event for Wartune! This special event runs from September 9th at 00:00 to September 29th at 23:59.

This event focuses on Battle Rating! At the end of the event, the development team will pull the battle rating data and distribute prizes! Only your base battle rating will be evaluated at the end of this period to determine what prize you qualify for. If your battle rating crosses over several of the prize thresholds, you will receive ALL the prizes you qualify for; both for your highest battle rating threshold and those prizes below it!


What do I have to do? Just play the game and work on increasing your battle rating! You don't need to send in forms or applications.

What counts as part of my base battle rating? Potions, scrolls, spirit covenant and such type of buffs do not count. Academy buffs and Blessing Wheel bonuses do count.

When do I get my reward? Within 2 weeks after the end of the event.

What are the prizes?

  • Battle Rating reached 105,000: 3 pieces of Apollo's Clothing Set
  • Battle Rating reached 95,000: Darknite Panther x1, Mount Training Whip x 800
  • Battle Rating reached 80,000: Soul Crystal x 2,000
  • Battle Rating reached 65,000: Warlord's Medallion x 1
  • Battle Rating reached 62,000: Wings of Apollo x 1