So you want to learn more about the Wartune Monthly VIP Program? You’ve come to the right place! The Wartune VIP Membership is a $7.99 (US) monthly subscription. One month of VIP lasts a total of 30 days. If you ever forget when you signed up for your VIP program, you can easily see when your VIP Membership will expire on the VIP Recharge menu:

VIP Overlay

By enrolling in the Wartune Monthly VIP Program, you unlock valuable advantages such as:

  • Free Cooldowns on Construction, Levy, Technology, and Duel. Never pay another Voucher or Token for cooldowns ever again!
  • Extra 50% EXP when battling monsters and completing campaigns. 50% is only the beginning. Each VIP Tier unlocks more bonuses, with VIP 9 receiving 150% bonus EXP!
  • Unlock Special VIP Quests offering amazing rewards.
  • Weekly VIP Gift Pack filled with valuable goodies!

The Wartune VIP System is broken up into 9 tiers. All VIP members start as VIP 1, leveling up to VIP 9. Each Tier unlocks bigger and better rewards. The VIP Tier system uses Growth Points to progress to the next level. As a continuous VIP member, 10 experience points will be added onto your VIP daily. For every 100 Balens spent, you will also receive 1 VIP Growth Point. Note that Auction House purchases are excluded, however, Balens spent prior to VIP activation are included.

Here’s a comprehensive look at what benefits unlock at each VIP level:

VIP Benefits

Important Details to note:

This is a recurring monthly subscription, which is currently available only via PayPal. Your PayPal statement will show a recurring charge from (US) Inc. First-time PayPal transactions may take up to 72 hours to complete. After the PayPal transaction has completed, your character will automatically receive the VIP benefits. There is nothing more you need to do!

You may cancel your VIP membership at anytime through PayPal. We recommend that you complete your request to cancel the recurring payment at least 48 hours before your VIP membership expires to avoid an unintended charge.

Once your VIP has expired, all VIP benefits will disappear. Your character will lose 5 Growth Points per day until your VIP has been reactivated. If your Growth Points are reduced to zero, you will decrease in VIP level.

Remember that VIP benefits are unlocked on a per-character basis. VIP benefits and VIP Tier levels cannot be transferred across multiple servers.

Become a VIP today!