Wartune 2.1 Part Two brings new content to features introduced in our recent 2.1 patch!

Gold Rush

Gold Rush is a new entrance and activity, open all day, available to all players level 25 and up.  You may find the entrance in the mine area of Cloud City. There is a daily Gold Rush event from 11:00 – 11:30 and 21:00-21:30 where players can PvP each other and earn double Amethyst rewards as well.  Amethyst can be exchanged for rewards in the Amethyst Shop. You can find your total quantity of Amethyst in the Amethyst Shop.

There are 2 levels available in the Gold Rush.  To enter, take the mine car from the Gold Rush NPC. At the entrance choose the entrance appropriate to your level, 25-39 or 40 and up.  Players have two attempts a day to collect Amethyst, with a 5:00am daily reset.

Each Gold Rush can hold up to 500 players.  Once the event is full a new Gold Rush room will open for players.  You may only see up to 30 players on your screen in your immediate area. If you drop or leave during the Gold Rush, the current state of the mine car will be kept, so you may continue, until the daily reset.  The mine car is reset at 5:00 am during the daily reset.

Amethyst collection can be done from the Mine Car or from plundering other players. In order to plunder Amethyst from other players, combatants must have at least 60 amethysts but less than the full 200. Plunder will not continue without a mine car; you must be a winner to claim plunder. Please note movement speed is decreased after your collection. Losers have 8 seconds of protection from attack.

Upgrade your Sylph!

Make your Sylph more powerful!  By leveling up your Sylph you can upgrade the Sylph’s Talent, Attributes, Growth and value.  The greater the increase of a Sylph’s Talent, the stronger it will be in battle!  Sylph Talent can be classified by color, white being the lowest level and orange being the highest level.

You can increase the Growth of a Sylph by consuming Mahra. Each Growth enchantment you place on your Sylph will result in one of its attributes to be randomly upgraded; upgrade your Sylph to the upper level to keep this enchantment going!

Looking to improve your Sylph’s stats?  Sepulcrum is the key!  Sacrifice a Sylph you no longer wish to keep, gather the Sepulcrum left behind and improve your favorite Sylph.

When a Sylph reaches level 55, it unlocks the ability to learn skills.  New skills can be gained or you can replace current skills with a random known skill.

Sylphs use their skills in battle, similar to your troops but without a stance.  They use their skills every two rounds during battle.  Players can merge with their Sylphs to unleash the Sylph Awakening skills and Sylph’s attributes.