You can access the in-game shop by clicking the Shop button next to the menu. In the shop, you’ll be able to spend Silver, Gold, and Rubies to purchase booster packs, powerful cards, items, and more.

silver-coinSilver is earned in-game through a variety of means. You can earn silver by completing battles, quests, as part of the daily income you can claim at town hall, as rewards simply for staying logged in, or completing boss battles.

gold-coinGold is a real money currency. You can earn some small amount of gold for free in-game, or you may purchase it using GameFuse Tokens. For more information on how to do this, and how to transfer your tokens into Rise of Mythos, visit the GameFuse Token Shop.

rubyRubies are earned by buying and selling cards in the Auction House. They can be used just like gold to purchase a variety of items in the Shop.


You can purchase booster packs in the Shop in order to add more cards to your collection which can be used in your deck. There are several different types of booster packs available:


Booster packs for the main set of Rise of Mythos can be found on the set tab. There are several different types of booster packs.

Novice Packs are the least expensive type of pack. Great for beginners, these packs contain common and good cards, with a decent chance of getting rare cards. These packs are also great to purchase if you need more materials for fusing cards, as they are inexpensive and can be extracted for materials you may be looking for, or combined to create higher level cards.

Standard Packs are an average level booster pack, and reduce the chance of finding common cards, while increasing your chances to find good and rare cards. You can also find epic cards in these packs.

Elite Packs further increase your chances to find rare and epic cards.

Masters Packs are only available to players who have reached VIP rank 3. They have excellent chances of containing rare cards, guarantee at least one epic card, and can even contain powerful legendary ranked cards.


If you’re looking to boost the number of cards you own for a specific faction, you can do so on the Race tab.

Right now, you can only purchase special packs for Humans and Elves. Not only will purchasing these packs help you to increase your reputation with a given faction faster, but they also contain powerful cards not found in the main set.

Human Packs will contain priestesses and crossbowmen, adding powerful archers to the human forces and further boosting their already potent healing abilities.

Elf Packs will contain Elven Pikemen to help provide a powerful frontline defense to your Elven forces, and Mages to boost the amount of magical power the Elves can bring to bear on the field of battle.

More race specific packs will be added as time goes on, allowing you to bolster your armies with more powerful cards for each faction in Rise of Mythos.


On the Event tab of the Shop you may find powerful special cards which will only be available for purchase for a limited time.


The Item tab will always be stocked with special powerful items to help you along your journey in Rise of Mythos. Mounts, enchanting gems, additional tickets for Ascension Tower, and even class selection crystals can be found for purchase here.

Special Offers

In the right-hand column of the Shop, you’ll find some special offers. These items are available for a limited time, and usually at a discounted rate, so make sure to check the Shop often to see what’s available on sale.