Rise of Mythos’ Update 1.4 is here! Launching after maintenance this Wednesday, January 15th, Update 1.4 brings new cards, a new way to PvP, the Rune System, and a brand new Event Dungeon: Red Dragon Lair!

New Angel and Dragon Cards!

With any update come new cards, and Update 1.4 is no different. We’ll be introducing Angels and Dragons in this update. Both are absolutely brutal on the field of battle!

Angels are powerful warriors on the field of battle and amazing support cards! Angels feature a relatively low attack but decent health scores, making them good damage sponges in a fight. However, their abilities make them some of the best support cards in the entire game.

Almost every Angel brings the ability, Healing Prayer, to the field, which allows them to restore life to all friendly wounded units in combat! In addition to this powerful healing capability, many Angels also have the “Last Order” ability, which heals their summoner upon their death, ensuring that should an Angel be destroyed, their summoner is able to continue the fight for long after they’ve left the field!

Dragons are introduced as offensive powerhouses sure to strike fear into the hearts of your enemies. Flame dragons have relatively low cooldowns combined with high attack scores and a moderate health score. Their Flame Wing ability not only grants them the power of flight, but also reduces fire damage taken by half. In addition, the Flame Breath ability hits all creatures in a 4x1 area, and ensures that your opponents units will continue to burn long after the initial attack.

These initial cards are only the first part of new 1.4 cards, and more will be released in the coming months! Of course, such powerful cards can’t be bought by merely opening packs. These new cards can only be purchased with points earned by participating in two brand new events…

Red Dragon Lair

Red Dragon Lair is a brand new event dungeon in which players must summon their courage to face the powerful Mother of Flames, Veraaksia!  You’ll need to fight your way through waves of her draconic offspring to take her down, and you’ll need to do it quickly, because if you take too long, Veraaksia will wipe out your entire party!

If you succeed, you’ll be rewarded with a new currency, “points”, which you can redeem for new Dragon cards, or you may even find a formula to use in the new Rune System!

God in the Tower

A new event taking place in Ascension Tower, God in the Tower not only challenges you to climb to the highest levels of the tower, but also rewards you with points for every level you defeat. While this event is running, you’ll also have a chance to face off against the armies of Heaven in the higher levels of the tower. Should you be fortunate enough to come across the host of angels, you’ll be able to earn bonus points completing quests which will yield even more points!


Update 1.4 also introduces the new Rune System, which provides new ways to earn Runes! Previously, the only way you could earn these powerful stones was by finding them in the Ancient Den. However, you can now also find formulas for new runes in several ways. You can earn them as rewards in Red Dragon Lair, or by purchasing them in the Tower Shop using Tower Coins earned by fighting through the Ascension Tower!

Once you have acquired your formula, you can visit the blacksmith to craft your rune! Each rune requires a formula and Crystals. Once you have crafted a particular rune, you may always do so again. However, if you do not have a formula for the rune, you’ll need to invest Gold into the process as well.

There’s a ton of great runes and rune formulas to find! Melee runes, life runes, and other powerful runes can be found to help you in battle! Of course, you’re going to need more Crystal in order to keep up with the new demands of Crystal, which means finding new ways to increase the amount of Crystal you have in your stores, which leads us to the last major update in 1.4…

City Defense

When Update 1.4 launches, you’ll be able to build and upgrade new City Defenses at your City Hall, and you’ll need them as well! Once you’ve built your City Defenses at the City Hall, you’ll be able to organize defensive Structures and Units to help defend your City from other players. The further you upgrade your defenses, the more you’ll be able to place on the field, and the more powerful the units you’ll be able to employ to defend your city.

You’ll also want to construct a defensive deck to help defend your city from attacks. If your city’s defenses are breached, you’ll lose some durability for your defenses, along with some of the Crystals you’ll be able to claim from taxes the next day. Don’t worry though, you can restore lost durability by reinforcing your defenses up to 4 times per day, and friends can also reinforce your city’s defenses up to 10 times per day.

Of course, you can attack other Cities as well, up to 3 times per day for free. You can also purchase additional attacks each day, based on your current VIP level. Successfully breaching an opponent’s defenses will reward you with Crystal to help you further build your city, and its defenses.

More to Come!

This is only the first part of Update 1.4! We’ll be making further improvements to this update, including new cards for both the Angels and the Dragons as we continue to adventure in Rise of Mythos!