Rise of Mythos 1.3 is almost here! We’ve already shared some details with you about the new cards for the Goblin and Beast factions, but we have yet to talk about Skill Cards in 1.3.

We’re really excited about the new skill cards here in the office, as these skills are sure to shake up the meta-game. Update 1.3 introduces new battlefield skills, which will not only help you to defeat your enemies, but change the battlefield itself!


Warriors will be gaining access to the all new Rally Point ability, which affects a 2x2 area of the battlefield, and grants all creatures within it an additional three attack. This new skill will change the shape of the battlefield for 3 turns, allowing warriors the ability to turn the tide of most any battle in their favor.


Rangers will be able to use the new Smoke Screen ability, which will summon a cloud of obscuring smoke in a 2x2 area for three turns. Creatures within the smoke screen will gain the ability Nimble, which prevents any “single target “skills from being used on them, protecting your units from skills like Slash, Smite or Fireball, and hindering the enemy from being able to use beneficial single target spells like Sanctuary, Heroic, or Hermes’ Wings!


Mages will now be able to summon a 2x1 Poisonous Swamp on the field of battle which will stop most non-flying units in their tracks, reducing their movement by 3 and dealing shadow damage to any creatures trapped in the swamp each turn. This bog of death will stay on the field of battle for four turns.


Finally, the Priest class will gain the ability to summon forth holy ground, preventing enemy units from entering a square on the battlefield for four turns. The perfect way to stop your opponent from rushing, and a great way to allow your archers time to whittle away at powerful melee units!


In addition to these exciting new skill cards, we’re also proud to announce that players will now be able to buy Skill Packs in the shop for Silver or Gold! These new packs each contain 6 random skill cards, and make a great way to help you find those elusive skills you’ve been looking for!

Rise of Mythos Update 1.3 is almost here! Make sure to keep an eye on the buzz, as we’ll be revealing the changes to PvP soon!