When you purchase Gold in Rise of Mythos this weekend, you can get rewards of Bonus Silver and Crystals, or even the powerful new ARK Assassin Card! Take a look at the different reward levels below:

  • Purchase 200 Gold in a single transaction to receive 2000 bonus Silver and 500 bonus Crystal.
  • Purchase 400 Gold in a single transaction to receive 4000 bonus Silver and 1000 bonus Crystal.
  • Purchase 840 Gold in a single transaction to receive 10000 bonus Silver and 1500 bonus Crystal.
  • Purchase 2160 Gold in a single transaction to receive 30000 bonus Silver and 2500 bonus Crystal, plus a rare Ring!
  • Purchase a total of 800 Gold this weekend you can receive an Epic ARK Assassin card!
  • Purchase a total of 9000 Gold this weekend, you will also receive a Legendary ARK Assassin Card!

Similar to Mifzuna the Wind, and Maia the Shadowblade, the ARK Assassin features the amazing Wind Walk ability, a low cooldown of 1, 2 attack, and 4 life at her epic level! Wind Walk is an amazingly powerful ability which grants the character an impressive +5 movement on her first turn. That’s enough movement to traverse the entire field of battle on her first turn! This makes the ARK Assassin a must have in virtually any rush deck, and a powerful card to lay down on almost any turn!

This promotion will only be available January 24th at midnight server time until the end of day Sunday, January 26th, so act fast!