Purchase Gold in Rise of Mythos this weekend to earn bonus Gold, plus the Goddess of Wisdom, Athena!

Pallas Athena comes into play after a cooldown of 6, but the wait is well worth it! Her Legendary version has 1 attack, and 18 life, already making her a stand up damage absorber to throw at the front lines. The Counter Attack ability ensure that any who dare strike this beautiful goddess suffer her wrath, and the Heroic and Rage abilities help to raise her attack speed at an alarming rate!

This is one daring goddess you definitely don’t want to come up against on the field of battle!

Of course, you’ll also get Bonus Gold when you purchase Gold during this event as well! Take a look at all of the reward tiers below:

  • Purchase 840 Gold at once to be rewarded with 50 extra gold.
  • Purchase 2,160 Gold at once to be rewarded with 120 extra gold.
  • Purchase 4,750 Gold at once to be rewarded with 180 extra gold and 20,000 bonus silver.
  • Purchase 10,000 Gold at once to be rewarded with 350 extra gold and 50,000 bonus silver.
  • Purchase a total of 9,000 Gold to be rewarded with a Legendary Pallas Athena card!
  • Purchase a total of 42,500 Gold to be rewarded with a Godlike Pallas Athena card!

Pallas Athena can only be found normally in limited availability Mythos Packs, and can only be guaranteed to be yours during this special event! Act fast though, this goddess, and the bonus gold offers are only available this weekend from January 11th until the end of the day (server time) on January 12th!