It’s time to take another look at some of the great new additions coming to Rise of Mythos in version 1.2!

Rise of Mythos 1.2 is almost here, and with it come a ton of exciting changes to the game! In fact it’s so much; we really can’t fit it all into one article!

Today, let’s take a look at some of the new PvE Updates coming in 1.2, as well as the new PvP Rewards cards being added!

The Campaign Continues

Your quest to protect the city of Silver Heron Ridge isn’t over, hero! Truth be told, it’s just beginning! In 1.2 the story of Rise of Mythos will continue with the addition of a brand new area! Leave the shores of Elyria and travel to Draglasar, fighting your way through two new regions including Wyrmrest Temple and The Sleeping Forest. Each of these new regions features 12 new exciting PvE battles, including new card rewards, exciting quests, and unknown threats to the peaceful city of Silver Heron Ridge! Of course, you may need some more levels to defeat these new challenges. So the level cap for the game will be raised from 50 to 60!

The King’s Mausoleum

A brand new boss fight awaits you in Challenge Hall! Deep beneath the King’s Mausoleum, the Queen of the Vampires resides. Can you fight your way through the inevitable darkness, and the cold of the night, to defeat her guardians and lay the Queen of the Damned to rest for good? If you think you have what it takes, make sure to bring three friends along for the fight, or you might just be what’s for dinner!

New Reward in Ascension Tower

There’s an incredibly awesome new card which can be found in Ascension Tower! Judge Tytus is a brand new card which can only be purchased with Tower Coins! This omnipotent Outsider wields some truly powerful abilities! His Judgment is truly fierce, dealing Holy Damage to each creature in a 1x10 area equal to each creature’s attack strength! Add to that the Flying and Armor abilities, and you have a new powerful force to summon on the battle field!

Can you climb to the top of Ascension Tower and convince Judge Tytus to join your army?



New PvP Cards

Skill cards can be pretty hard to come by in Rise of Mythos. They’re some of the most powerful cards in the game! However, PvP players know that one of the best places to get new skill cards is in the PvP Shop! With 1.2 we’re introducing four brand new skill cards, one for each class, which will only be available in the PvP Shop.


Command: First Strike

A warrior’s skill to command his troops to use abilities they don’t normally possess is immensely useful. Rise of Mythos 1.2 introduces a new skill card to his already potent arsenal, Command: First Strike. The skill grants all units in a 2x2 area the First Strike ability, allowing them to strike first any enemies who dare to attack them. Try placing this card on a unit with the Counterattack or Heroic ability to take down enemy units in record time!






Tactic: Distraction

A Ranger’s mastery of strategy and tactics is one of their fiercest weapons, and this new skill card is no different! This skill will grant a friendly unit the Distraction ability, allowing them to increase the countdown of a random card in the enemy hero’s hand by 2 each turn!







Lightning Tempest

Lightning Tempest is a powerful adept new destructive skill for your mage’s spell book. This new skill card will deal 11 damage to creatures within a cross shaped area on the field of battle!








Blessing: Sanctuary

Have you ever been stuck in a corner wishing that one creature you have defending you from hordes of enemy units could survive an extra turn or two, and maybe dish out a ton more damage? Take a look at this new blessing, which provides that unit with Sanctuary, a new ability which reflects all damage dealt to a unit back on the attacker!