This weekend in Rise of Mythos, from Midnight server time on Saturday, April 26th until the end of the day on Sunday April 27th, when you purchase at least 840 Gold in a single transaction you’ll earn bonus Gold! Plus, if you purchase a total of 9,000 Gold during this special promotion, you‘ll receive a powerful new Zodiac, Gemini! Take a look below for the full breakdown:

  • Purchase 840 Gold at once to be rewarded with 50 extra gold.
  • Purchase 2,160 Gold at once to be rewarded with 120 extra gold.
  • Purchase 4,750 Gold at once to be rewarded with 180 extra gold and 20,000 bonus silver.
  • Purchase 10,000 Gold at once to be rewarded with 350 extra gold and 50,000 bonus silver.
  • Purchase a total of 9,000 Gold to be rewarded with a Legendary card!
  • Purchase a total of 42,500 Gold to be rewarded with a Godlike card!

Gemini is the latest Zodiac to come to Rise of Mythos, and like all members of the Zodiac, she is a truly powerful force on the field of battle. Coming into play after a three turn cool down, Gemini takes the field to represent the forces of both good, and evil, with a stat line that belies her true power. With only one attack, and seven life; at first glance she may not seem like too big of a deal. Like all Zodiacs however, it’s her special abilities which she derives her true power from.

The Lightning Bolt ability grants her the range she needs to stay alive, and provides a 25% chance to stun any creature she damages. The Thunderbolt ability grants her the ability to deal three lightning damage to a random creature each turn, and the Gemini ability not only summons her counterpart, the Dark Gemini once she has been defeated year round, but also prevents her from being targeted by single target skills during the months of May and July.

Dark Gemini will only appear after Gemini has been defeated on the field of battle, and has an attack score of three, and six life. Her ember ability allows her to deal fire damage at range, and ensures that damaged creatures will take an additional fire damage at the end of their next turn. Sadly, the immolation ability causes two damage to dark Gemini each turn as well, but intelligent players can find ways to make this work to make Dark Gemini even stronger, and the Evil Gemini ability grants the ability to deal one fire damage to an enemy hero each turn during the months of May and June.

Combined, these powerful twins make for one devastating unit when played properly, and Gemini can only be obtained through this special offer Saturday and Sunday, April 26th-27th!