Earlier we showed you some of the new changes coming to PvE in Rise of Mythos, and gave you a sneak peek at just a few of the new cards coming in Rise of Mythos 1.2.

We’ve also told you about the new cards coming for the Halfblood and Undead Factions in 1.2, but we haven’t given you any information on those cards, until now…

New Halfblood Cards

Halfblood players rejoice! There are some amazing new cards headed your way in 1.2. With this update we’ll be introducing two new tribes of Halfbloods, including the deceptively deadly Sylvi, and fierce Werewolf Tribe!

There’s really no way to get around this, so we’re just going to say it: The Sylvi are total Ninjas! Sporting unique new abilities that provide for immense mobility, both defensive, and offensive, these cunning little rabbits are also incredibly lethal. Fleet Foot will prevent them from being affected by movement restrictions, while Triple Strike allows them to attack three times in a single strike!

When under attack, the Sylvi respond by attempting to dodge, either by retreating out of range, or burrowing beneath their opponents only to emerge in the square behind them!

The Sylvi may look cute, but they are highly dangerous!

Werewolves are truly fierce allies. These new units feature very high attack and health scores for their cooldown cost, but demand a Blood Price from their summoner in return!

Sprint allows them to close the gap to the enemy line as fast as possible, and the Carnivore Ability will help to keep them on the field, healing them for a significant amount each time they kill an enemy unit. The killing is made easier with the Crush Armor ability, allowing some werewolves to ignore an enemy units Armor!

With these fierce predators on the prowl, your enemies will need to double their guard!

These new Halfblood cards can only be found in the new Halfblood Race Packs, which will be available in the store once Rise of Mythos 1.2 is live. You can purchase the Standard Halfblood Race Packs for free with silver you earn in game, but will need Gold or Rubies to purchase the Master’s Halfblood Packs, which contain much stronger cards!

Undead Cards

Ghosts, Ghouls, Vampires, and Zombies have made up the brunt of the undead forces until now. When Rise of Mythos 1.2 releases later this week, two new types of undead will be joining their ranks! Frightening Skeletons will march across the field of battle wielding massive swords and hurling wicked spears at their opposition, while the Death Knights cleave paths through enemy lines of defense!

Skeletal warriors are a fierce sight to behold on the field of battle. To begin with, due to their unholy nature and general lack of skin, these monstrosities reduce damage dealt to them at range by half. But even should your archers manage to bring a skeletal warrior down, they simply collapse into a bone heap. This pile of bones must be destroyed swiftly, or it will reanimate on its next action! Be careful though, some skeletons have the Reaping Curse ability, which deals damage to the enemy hero when they are slain!

The Undead Death Knights fill a large hole in the current Undead faction’s army. These frightening mounted warriors all have the Heavy Cavalry ability, which not only grants the same movement speed of other cavalry units, but also grants armor! Some of these horrific warriors also have the Soul Eater ability, which grants them additional attack and vitality each time they strike an enemy hero. If this doesn’t have you quaking in fear at the idea of facing off against these new units, the Accursed ability will likely do the trick. This powerful ability increases the amount of magic damage enemy units take; and their Spellfeed ability will increase their attack and stamina scores every time they take magic damage!

Much like the Halfblood, these new undead warriors can only be found in the new Undead Race Packs which can be found in the shop.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this look at the new cards coming in Rise of Mythos 1.2! Make sure you’re ready to play Rise of Mythos 1.2 on July 17th, and keep an eye out for our next Rise of Mythos Buzz article! We want to let you know about all of the great events we have planned to celebrate the launch of Rise of Mythos 1.2!