Mythos Packs are back this week in a whole new way! Gone are the days of opening your Mythos Packs only to discover a scant few new Mythos Cards, and just finding the same old set cards in the rest of the pack! Mythos Packs are back with 8 new cards, and no longer contain normal Rise of Mythos Cards!

These new packs will be available in the Rise of Mythos Shop today through Friday, and sell for 298 Gold each. Not only do they contain the previously released cards like the Mighty Zeus , Achilles, Minotaurs and Medusa, but 8 all new Mythos cards! Plus, each pack comes with one guaranteed Epic Mythos Card!

 Check them out below:

The Trojan Archer

The Trojan Archer is a powerful piece. It not only comes to the field of battle with the range of it’s bow, but also has a higher life total than most other archers in the game. The trade off here comes in the form of a slightly lower attack score. Looking for some ranged units with a little staying power to beef up your city’s defenses? Look no further!

The Greek Archer

While the Greek Archer Card may not offer much over many of the other archer character’s in the game, it does have two major differences. The Greek Archer uses the Shortbow ability, which offers slightly less range than a standard Elven Archer, however, it makes up for this with a lower cooldown, and higher attack and health scores.

The Trojan Peltast

Does your front line need a little more defense? Take a look at the Trojan Peltast! Sporting a low cooldown of two, an initially low attack score, and a life pool that can’t be beat at that cooldown, the Trojan Peltast also features the Rage ability, giving this defensive unit some much needed punch as it soaks up damage on your front line.

The Greek Peltast

The Greek Peltast takes to the front line of the siege sporting a similar stat line as the Trojan Peltast, with two major differences. It sports a slightly lower health score than it’s Trojan counterpart, but makes up for this with the Heroic ability, allowing it to tear through enemy lines ever swifter the longer it stays on the field of battle!

The Trojan Hoplite

Looking for the ultimate in defensive units for your new Mythos Deck? Take a look at the new Trojan Hoplite! These fierce warriors not only have a reasonable cooldown of 3, but start off with a modest attack of 2, and 5 life. “Big deal,” you say? Combine that with the spear ability which does double damage to cavalry, Vigilance to be aqble to attack any who sneak past it, and Sunder Armor to deal with any defenses the unit has, and you’ll be stopping your opponents rush dead in its tracks!

The Spartan Hoplite

Spartan’s are true warriors, and know the best defense is often a good offense! These fierce warriors also have a cooldown of 3, and 2 attack, and yes, they have the Spear Ability as well. However, they have a slightly reduced health score compare to their Trojan counterparts, and make up for this with the Impale ability, which allows their spears to reach the enemy behind their enemy,  and the armor ability to help them stay alive on the field of battle.

The Trojan Horse

Sometimes getting your troops to your enemy’s side of the field can be a little difficult. The Trojan Horse can help with that! After a long cooldown of 5, this massive 0 attack, 11 life, scored creature will begin lumbering it’s way across the field of battle. Every two turns, it will summon a Trojan Archer, Trojan Peltast, or Trojan Hoplite into an adjacent square, delivering your troops to the field closer and closer to the enemy hero.

The Greek Pegasus

While not as sturdy as the Trojan Horse, this unit serves much the same purpose! Once again sporting a cooldown of 5, this flying Pegasus is capable of carrying your troops over enemy lines and summoning a Greek Archer, Peltast, or Hoplite into an adjacent Square every two turns!

These new Mythos cards can only be found in Mythos Packs, and will only be available until the end of day Friday, so make sure to get your new Mythos cards while they’re in the shop, or you’ll be at the mercy of the Auction House!