This weekend in Rise of Mythos from midnight server time on Friday November 1st until 11:59 pm on Sunday November 3rd, you can earn Bonus Gold in Rise of Mythos, or pick up a Legendary Zodiac Card, Sagittarius!

  • Purchase 840 Gold at once to be rewarded with 50 extra gold.
  • Purchase 2,160 Gold at once to be rewarded with 120 extra gold.
  • Purchase 4,750 Gold at once to be rewarded with 180 extra gold and 20,000 bonus silver.
  • Purchase 10,000 Gold at once to be rewarded with 350 extra gold and 50,000 bonus silver.
  • Purchase a total of 9,000 Gold to be rewarded with a Legendary Sagittarius card!
  • Purchase a total of 42,500 Gold to be rewarded with a Godlike Sagittarius card!

Sagittarius is the latest Zodiac card and continues the trend of these cards being exceedingly powerful!

A Halfblood Centaur, Sagittarius’ Legendary version sports a low cooldown of 2, 4 attack, and 8 life. Throughout the year he’ll possess the Cavalry ability, granting him 2 additional movements each turn, as well as the Bow ability, which provides an additional 3 range, and the keyword “Archer”. These stat lines and abilities make Sagittarius a truly impressive sigh year round. However, it’s in the Month of November and December, when his sign hangs high in the skies that his power truly shows. The Sagittarius ability grants and additional 2 range, and allows for Sagittarius to move backwards once he attacks, effectively granting him the hit and run ability, and the increased survival that comes with it.

This card will only be available this weekend however, and can only be acquired with your purchase of Gold in Rise of Mythos!