Harness the power of the Ark Fire Mage this weekend in Rise of Mythos, plus get bonus Silver and Crystal when you purchase Gold in Rise of Mythos! Take a look at the different reward levels below:

  • Purchase 200 Gold in a single transaction to receive 2000 bonus Silver and 500 bonus Crystal.
  • Purchase 400 Gold in a single transaction to receive 4000 bonus Silver and 1000 bonus Crystal.
  • Purchase 840 Gold in a single transaction to receive 10000 bonus Silver and 1500 bonus Crystal.
  • Purchase 2160 Gold in a single transaction to receive 30000 bonus Silver and 2500 bonus Crystal, plus a rare Ring!
  • Purchase a total of 800 Gold this weekend; you can receive an Epic ARK Fire Mage card!
  • Purchase a total of 9000 Gold this weekend; you will also receive a Legendary ARK Fire Mage Card!

The ARK Fire Mage is a powerful offensive lane pusher. She comes onto the field after a long countdown of 5 turns, with 7 life, and an attack score of 2 (fire).  Her stat line is somewhat deceiving however, as her special ability; “Meteor Storm” is what makes this card so powerful. Not only does this ability grant her an additional 2 range, for a total attack range of 4; it also grants her the ability to attack all enemy creatures and heroes adjacent to her target. Plus, each creature damaged by her attack will take an additional point of fire damage at the end of their next turn.

The ARK Fire Mage, and this Bonus Silver and Crystals event will be available from midnight server time Friday February 21st, until the end of the day on Sunday, February 23rd, so get yours before this deal burns out!