GameFuse is pleased to announce that the next update to Rise of Mythos is on the way! Rise of Mythos 1.3 introduces new cards to Rise of Mythos, new Runes for your Hero, new mounts, and three new booster packs, including some great new cards!

Take a look at our brand new 1.3 teaser trailer to find out what the Squirrel says!

Update 1.3 will add brand new cards to the Ogre, Goblin, and Beast factions, as well as brand new area of effect skill cards, which will allow you to change the very battlefield itself! Also coming in 1.3 will be an all new End of Season Playoff System for PvP players to enjoy, and a new event aimed specifically for those of you who love PvE! There’s so much to talk about it’s insane!

Of course, we’ll have some awesome sneak peeks coming for you very soon, with advanced looks at all of the new cards, and other changes coming to Rise of Mythos in Update 1.3!

Keep an eye on the buzz, for more news, and tell your friends! Rise of Mythos 1.3 is coming to you this October!  

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